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What’s the difference between Yearly and Perpetual?
Both versions allow instant access. You can download and use immediately. The only difference between the licenses is, yearly provides you with support and updates of the software for 12 months. You can optionally renew this. Perpetual gives you lifetime updates and support.

If I choose yearly and I don’t renew, can I still use the software?
Yes, 100%. Both licenses enable lifetime use of the software.

Where can I find more information?
You can click the Yearly or Perpetual buttons above to take you to the online store where more information is provided.

Alternatively, you can chat to our Live Support (bottom-right corner) if they are online. You can also post a question to our Discord server. Link is on our support page.

System Specs Specs

HDD Space: 10MB
Processor: 1GHZ+
OS: Windows 10

Config File Creator is a very lightweight Windows™ software application. It requires hardly any resources at all. It will work perfectly across most laptops and desktop PCs.

It only really requires at least 1GB of RAM, a processor speed of at least 1.5ghz and pretty much any graphics card since 2008. It may support other versions of Windows™ but we only officially support Windows 10.

USER Reviews Ratings

Lorenzo Atikenhead
Lorenzo Atikenhead
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I really needed to create a custom configuration screen for my Unity developed game and doing it inside Unity just wasn't my idea of fun. CFC enabled me to quickly create my game configuration dialog in less than an hour! Very pleased with this software.
Mac Macca
Mac Macca
Read More
Very handy software found at the right time. Good support to go along with it.